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Promoting healthy and sustainable wild British seafood that supports our costal communities and fishing heritage.


Wild British seafood is a healthy and sustainable source of protein.

As an island nation, fishing has an important cultural significance and helps support coastal communities around the country.

We are surrounded by some of the most fertile fishing grounds in the world and the fish that we source from them are sought after globally.

However, in Britian, around two thirds of the fish we consume is imported and almost 80% of the fish that we catch is exported.

At Sound Seafood we aim to positively influence consumer attitudes and perceptions about the benefits of choosing wild British fish.

Low Carbon

Over recent years, many of our customers are increasingly interested in the carbon footprint of the food they eat. In order to lessen their environmental footprint, some customers have chosen to replace food with a high carbon footprint such as meat with low emitting foods such as vegetables and pulses.

Fish is one of the lowest carbon proteins available.

Within the seafood category, domestically sourced wild British fish such as mackerel, sardines and herring have a footprint even lower than vegetables:

Responsible sourcing (fish)

Fish isn’t just what we eat – at Sound Seafood, it’s our livelihood. Being custodians of the sea is a responsibility we take very seriously to ensure future generations can enjoy the same fertile oceans as we do.

At Sound Seafood we are at the forefront of responsible fishing techniques.

Over our history, our vessels have hosted over 1,000 fishery scientist and conducted dozens of government-backed maritime surveys to help understand the health of Britian’s fishing stocks.

Since 2018 we have operated a discard free fishery. Using onboard CCTV data capture, government scientists can observe our fishing activities so that we don’t just catch fish. We also catch data!

Responsible sourcing (people)

Sustainability isn’t just about fish stocks – it’s about people too.

We are very proud of our highly-trained professional crew and the support they give to our coastal communities.

We are currently engaged with apprenticeship programmes nurturing the best young talent across the Wescountry to ensure we have a fishing fleet for the future.  


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